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Kate Icon Challenge

A Stills/Stillness Community

An Icon Contest for Lost's Kate
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This is the first, I believe, icon contest/stillness community for the character of Kate on ABC's Lost. Kate is played by Evangeline Lilly.
From Evangeline-Lilly.net:
Evangeline's character Kate is a woman with a dark past and many secrets. As we find out she was on the plane in order to be taken to the United States as a prisoner. She had been on the run from the law quite a while. She fled to Australia where she then was captured by a marshal. Kate is a confident and brave woman - her greatest problem is staying in one place for a long time. The island pretty much made her its prisoner of some kind. Only Jack and Hurley know that Kate is the prisoner. Jack has serious trust issues despite having feelings for her. As we find out from falshbacks in various episodes Kate takes on various aliases - like Annie, she was working at a farm in Australia for some time in order to earn money and be able to leave the place. In another flashback we see Kate commit a crime - it appears as if she's robbing the bank but it turns out all she wanted was a personal belonging of hers that was in a safe in the bank. Apparently that toy airplane belonged to the man she loved and killed.

Caps provided by Lost Media or Evangeline Lilly Fan.

1. To join, you must actually like Kate. That's a given.
2. Challenges normally begin Monday, but if I'm bored over the weekend, I may put them up early. Challenges end Friday night sometime.
3. Voting starts Friday night or Saturday morning and ends Sunday night.
4. Winners are announced late Sunday night or Monday morning.
5. NO ANIMATION ALLOWED. This is a stills/stillness community.
6. One entry per person.
7. To submit an entry, comment to the current challenge post with your icon and link to where your icon is located. Example:
(made by kimbrchick)
URL: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v707/proudcandle/Lost%20Icons/katekimbrchick.jpg
If you need a place to host your images for free, try Photobucket.
8. No blending with other caps. Use only the caps provided, unless otherwise noted.
9. Each challenge will have a 1st place, 2nd place, and a 3rd place winner, and a Mod's Choice, selected by me, of course.
10. Do NOT post your icon anywhere else until the challenge is over.
11. Have fun!!

Voting: vote for your top 3 in no order to the current voting post. Don't vote for yourself and DON'T get your friends to vote for you. Not cool.

Want to be affiliates? Just let me know by commenting to one of my posts or contacting me at my journal, mareliz.
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